Exodus Youth Worx is a Not-For-Profit Community Organisation working with young people and families who are facing many challenges such as homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency, exclusion from school, unemployment, neglect and abuse. We also advocate for seniors and support victims of Domestic Violence and their families as they work to turn their lives around and overcome their personal challenges.

Our Mission

EYW is a diverse youth community which aspires to empower young people through an holistic approach to everyday living. EYW offers fellowship and guidance through various activities that provide young people and their families with a positive and constructive network and environment. We offer services that support and encourage emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual growth.

Our Services

  • Short-term, long-term and emergency accommodation

  • Placements for Social Work and Youth Work students

  • Free Counselling

  • Individualised Case Management

  • Mentoring

  • Over 10 different Programs for Youth and Adults to engage with

  • MyAgedCare Support

  • Court Advocacy and Support

  • Tutoring

  • Work Development Order (WDO) Service

  • Educational and Training Workshops

  • Domestic and Family Violence Advocacy and Support

What WE Achieved in 2018

  • 56 participants at evening programs per week (on average)

  • 168 referrals received

  • 610 hours of community programs

  • 124 hours of crisis assistance

  • 52 hours of outreach and lectures

  • 1,525+ hours of paid work experience in iWorx program

  • 85+ students in 5 schools in Lifeworx program

  • 6,320+ hours of work experience given to students


The people here are family, like my own siblings. Exodus has changed my life a lot.
— Life Worx Student